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Macbeth abridged by Moira Buffini


       THE STAGE

  • A refreshingly inventive take on Macbeth, that’s thankfully unafraid of mixing it up a bit 

  • Easily the most fun Production of Macbeth 

  • A wildly eclectic fever dream Production

  • Natasha is a pioneer for supporting female led and queer work  

  • Most significantly though, it reimagines Macbeth – and Duncan for that matter – as women

      TIME OUT

  • Stylish and bizarre 

  • As a respectful nod to London’s youth knife-crime epidemic, Natasha also swaps the swords and fake blood of a trad ‘Macbeth’ for a more magical kind of violence. Lady Macduff is dispatched with a twist of a red Rubik’s cube, and Macbeth’s final stand feels like a Hogwarts-esque wizard duel, with invisible beams springing from the performers’ hands

  • Intriguing enough to give this production a fascination of its own, all troubled warmth in a show that’s icily cool



  • Natasha Nixon’s slick direction


  • It’s clear from the beginning that the play is going to delight the audience in ways we’ve not experienced before

       LONDON THEATRE 1 ****

  • This production of Macbeth is engaging, energetic and enthralling, the originality of Natasha Nixon’s conception is apparent from the get-go, this brilliant production brings Macbeth alive and signifies everything it touches


  • Abridged by Moira Buffini (hardly any English scene, praise be) and pithily directed by Natasha Nixon this version is terrific – maybe the best Macbeth I’ve ever seen

       LONDON STUDENT 4.5/5

  • Director Natasha Nixon’s superlative staging makes for a memorable show

       BROADWAY WORLD ****

  • There have been a lot of productions of Macbeth recently - most of which have missed the mark completely. This isn't one of those productions; Natasha Nixon's direction is totally clean in its intention, yet messy in its staging. When I say mess I mean it in the sense that it holds nothing back. The company aren't afraid of being gritty and never shy away from the play's darker side. It's definitely a good thing

       THE UPCOMING *****

  • As good as, if not better than, many of the shows currently running in the West End, the piece reimagines the Scottish Play as many of us know it and electrifies us with a nightmare of monstrosity, sexual twists and ghosts



  • This is a contemporary and stylish version of the play, Natasha Nixon as director has been clever in managing to convey the horror of the tale while minimising the blood and the gore, the witches in this Macbeth are fantastic. They look both dramatic and other worldly. Their movement and utterances are chilling, perhaps the best realisation of the witches I have seen

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